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Ueshiba Aikido, Victoria
Rafael Oei Sensei
Affiliated to Ueshiba Aikido Association, Singapore;
registered with Aikikai Hombu Dojo, Japan.
Friends we make on the journey...

Gordon Head Recreation Centre Dojo
(Thurs 5:15pm Adults' Class Started: September 16, 2004)

Grateful thanks to Eugene Seng
(from Ueshiba Aikido, Singapore) for visiting.
On the left is my first adult student here in Victoria,
Stuart Brown. I appreciate your dedication, Stuart.

Eugene Seng's Visit
(13 - 19 May, 2005)

The young students had a good opportunity
to see the techniques performed at high speed.
Thank you once again, for visiting, Eugene.

Gomez Family Visit
(June 17 - 23, 2005)

What a wonderful year so far...
with visits from friends and family from Singapore.
The Aikido family spans the globe...
wherever the Aikido of harmony and love is practised.

Our First Intermediate Class for Children
at the Gordon Head Recreation Centre Dojo
(Fri 5pm Class Started: June 10, 2005)

Thank you for supporting your child's enthusiasm
to learn and practice Aikido.
It is always a joy to witness the development
and growth of one's students.
I respect and am encouraged by your persistance,
resilience, and eagerness to learn.

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